Complete English Grammar and Speaking Book Pdf Download

Complete English Grammar and Speaking Book Pdf Download:- Important English Speaking and Grammar Book is essential for daily use and all exams. This English text is available in both Hindi and English. grammar books are accessible. It is simple to master and crucial for all competitive tests to understand English grammar. If you are proficient in English grammar, it will be quite simple for you to finish your English paper. Therefore, this English Grammar Book for Spoken English Pdf is crucial for your highly competitive Exam. For students studying for these competitive exams as well as for interviews, our UPSCGOALS website offers an Important PDF of an Important 90 days English speaking course pdf in Hindi.

English Grammar Book for Spoken English Pdf

Complete English Grammar and Speaking Book Pdf
Complete English Grammar and Speaking Book Pdf

Ist Expedition

  1. Sentences of Greeting
  2. (i) Manners and Etiquettes (ii) Some Polite Phrases
  3. Exclamations
  4. (i) Phrases (i) Sentences of Command / Order
  5. Present Tense
  6. Past Tense
  7. Future Tense
  8. Some Important Helping Verbs
  9. Sentences of Order and Request
  10. Drill Tables

IInd Expedition

  1. Roman Alphabet
  2. Vowels & Consonants
  3. English Pronunciation
  4. Pronunciation of Consonants
  5. Silent letters in Words
  6. use of what, who, how etc.
  7. Use of which, when, where, why
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Negative Sentences
  10. Exercises

lllrd Expedition

  1. Use of he, she, it, its, this, that, you, I, each,
  2. Use of prepositions—on, at, into, in, of, to, by, with, besides, besides, between, among, over)
  3. (i) Co-relatives (ii) Uses of-in, within, on at, before, after, from, to, till, for, how long, yet, about, by, when, while, until
  4. (i) Uses of from, by, with, in, of, into, against, on, over, about (ii) Phrase Prepositions
  5. Active and Passive Voice
  6. Transformation of Sentences
  7. (1) Countable Words (ii) Uncountable Words (iii) The Emphasis
  8. Miscellaneous Uses
  9. (i) Sentences of Countable and Uncountables (ii) Idiomatic Sentences
  10. Drill Ta

IVth Expedition

  1. (i) fair Invitation (ii) Meeting and Parting (iii) Sentences of Gratitude (iv) Sentences of Congratulations and good wishes (v) Miscellaneous Sentences
  2. (i) Sentences of Refusal (ii) fagrarer Sentences of Believing (iii) Sentences of Request)
  3. Sentences Relating to Meals
  4. (i) Sentences of Time (ii) Sentences of Permission
  5. Instruction/Order
  6. Instruction/Order
  7. (i) Sentences of Encouragement (ii) Sentences of Consolation (iii) Senterices of Annoyance) (iv) Sentences of Affection
  8. (i) Sentences of Negation (ii)Sentences of Consent (iii)Sentences of Sadness
  9. (i) Sentences Relating Quarrel (ii) Sentences of Apologies (iii) enter ziereft ara (Sentences of Anger)
  10. Exercises

Vth Expedition

  1. At Home
  2. (i) Out of Home (ii) Servant
  3. On Meeting
  4. Shopping
  5. Study
  6. Health-A
  7. Health-B / Weather
  8. (i) Animals (ii) Games
  9. (i) Person and Age (ii) Character (iii) Dress
  10. Exercises

Vlth Expedition

  1. (i) Etiquette (ii) Signals
  2. (i) Office (ii) Things
  3. (i) Law (ii) Radio / T.V./Post Office)
  4. Travel
  5. (i) Recreation(ii) Do not ‘s (ii) Do’s
  6. (i) Dealings (ii) Business
  7. Sayings
  8. (i) Attending a Wedding (ii) In the Cinema (iii) On the Playground (iv) In the Tourist Office (v) In the Hotel (vi) With the Servant (vii) With the Doctor (viii) General Topics
  9. (i) Idioms (ii) Proverbs
  10. Exercises
  11. Pronunciation in Rapidex


  1. Before Conversation
  2. Introducing Self and Others
  3. Mother and Son
  4. Talking to a Student
  5. Getting Ready to Go
  6. Asking the Way
  7. Inquiry about a Patient
  8. Talking to a Doctor
  9. At the General Store
  10. Buying a Present
  11. Entertainment: Discussing Movies and T.V. Programmes
  12. Entertaining a Guest
  13. A Birthday Party
  14. At the Bus Stop
  15. At the Railway Station
  16. At the Ticket Window
  17. At the Platform
  18. In a Party
  19. Talking on the Phone
  20. First Day on the Campus
  21. A Boy Talks to a Girl
  22. Booking a Room in a Hotel
  23. An Interview for the Child’s Admission)
  24. With the Class Teacher
  25. (1) Electricity Failure (ii) Telephone Disorder (iii) Complaining about a Faulty Gadget (iv) Complaining about Things in General
  26. Inquiring about the Prospective Bridegroom
  27. (i) First Meeting between the Boy’s and the Girl’s Parents (ii) The Boy Meets the Girl
  28. (i) Sales and Marketing (i) Journalism (iii) Computers
  29. Talking to a Property Dealer for Renting a Flat
  30. An Interview for a Job
  31. Door-to-Door Selling
  32. Selling in Offices
  33. Kitty Party
  34. At the Bank
  35. Boss and Secretary
  36. The Salesman Reporting to His Boss


  1. for Word-Building in English
  2. Punctuation
  3. Abbreviations
  4. Numerals
  5. Direct and Indirect Speech
  6. Three forms of Selected Verbs
  7. 25 Arfa (25 Important Collective Phrases)
  8. Young Ones of Some Animals
  9. 40 Gigant a lot (40 Important Words Denoting the Cries of Animals
  10. Words Mostly Heard but Not Mostly Known
  11. 75 -2 75 One-Word Substitutes
  12. Idiomatic use of Names of Animals
  13. Antonyms or Words of opposite meaning
  14. Words Denoting Nationality
  15. Hof arter Some Important Phrases
  16. Words that Commonly Confuse
  17. Common Errors in the Use of Words (i) Errors in the Use of Nouns (ii) Errors in the Use of Pronouns (ii) Errors in the Use of Adjectives (iv) Errors in the Use of Verbs (v) Errors in the Use of
    Adverbs (vi) Errors in the Use of Conjunctions (vii) Errors in the Use of Prepositions (viii) A, an, the Errors in the Use of Articles
  18. Word Building in English
  19. Prefixes
  20. Suffixes

Key to Word Power

  1. Two-Word Verbs
  2. Idioms and Phrases

Vocabulary and Dictionary

  1. Classified Vocabulary
  2. English-Hindi Dictionary
  3. Words often Misspelt

Letter Writing

  1. Letters of Greetings
  2. ur- Letters of Congratulations
  3. Letters of Sympathy
  4. Letters of Regret
  5. Leave Application
  6. Letters of Thanks
  7. Letters of Condolence
  8. Love Letters
  9. Letters of Invitation
  10. Letters on Educational Matters
  11. Reply to Matrimonial Advertisements
  12. Letters to the Responses
  13. Family Letters: Between Equals
  14. Family Letters: from Elder to Younger
  15. Family Letters: from Younger to Elder
  16. Letters Supplementing the Queries Arising out of Your Receiving of the Interview Letters
  17. Job Applications
  18. Letters of Complaints
  19. Letters of Enquiry Regarding Hotel Accommodation
  20. Letters to Bank
  21. Letters to an Insurance Company
  22. Letters of Complaints: Business
  23. Letters of Apology
  24. Letters on Official Matters
  25. Letters from the Landlord to the Tenant
  26. Letters from the Tenant to the Landlord

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Complete English Grammar and Speaking Book Pdf Download

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