English Grammar for Competitive Exams Pdf Free Download

English Grammar for Competitive Exams Pdf Free Download: General English for Competitive Exams Pdf, Free PDF downloads is available for Upkar Compendium General English Books by B B Jain and Upkar General English Grammar Book by Ramphal Nain. Both Upkar Publication’s publications are extremely helpful for applicants taking various competitive exams at the State and Central levels.

General English for all Competitive Examinations Pdf Download

In competitive exams, English is always one of the most crucial. This post will give you the most critical English grammar PDFs, entire English grammar books for free download, the Oxford English Grammar Course PDF fundamentals, the English tenses PDF from the CBSC English Grammar Book, and more.

English Grammar for Competitive Exams Book Content:

  • Basic concept
  • Pronunciation
  • The sentence
  • Articles
  • Adjective
  • Adverbs
  • Verbs
  • Models
  • The noun
  • The pronoun
  • Subject and predicate
  • The phrase and the clause
  • Part of speech
  • The tense
  • The sequence of tenses
  • The participle
  • The gerund
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Non-finite
  • Question tag
  • Syntax: Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Interjection

General English & Word Power (English Grammar: Essential Rules) for All Academic & Competitive Exams


English Grammar for Competitive Exams Pdf Details:-

Book Name English Grammar for Competitive Exams
Page No457
PublisherUpkar Publication

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