Human Geography By Majid Husain 6th Edition Pdf Free Download

Human Geography By Majid Husain 6th Edition Pdf Free Download:- Hello Friends आज हम आप सभी के लिए बहुत ही जाने माने Writter द्वारा तैयार किया Human Geography By Majid Husain 6th Edition Pdf साँझा कर रहे हैं जिसे RAWAT PUBLICATIONS के माध्यम से प्रकाशित किया गया हैं Human Geography by Majid Husain Latest Edition को डाउनलोड करने के लिए हमारे द्वारा निचे दिए लिंक के माध्यम से Human Geography Book Pdf, बहुत ही आसानी से डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं |

Human Geography by Majid Husain Latest Edition Book

Human Geography By Majid Husain 6th Edition Pdf

जो दोस्तों ये Human Geography by Majid Husain Latest Edition Book Pdf आपको किसी भी Competitive Exam जैसे UPSC , IAS , Railway, PCS, SSC ,civil services preliminary तथा अन्य किसी भी प्रकार के प्रतियोगी परीक्षा के लिए Human Geography by Majid Husain Pdf महत्त्वपूर्ण साबित होगा और साथ जैसे की UPSC के परीक्षाओ में Human Geography से अक्सर Questions पूछे जाते हैं | जो की आप सभी को इस Majid Hussain Geography Book for UPSC in Hindi में सब पढने को मिलेगा |

Human Geography Majid Husain ebook

“Human Geography” by Majid Husain is a well-regarded textbook that provides an overview of the various aspects of human geography. The sixth edition, published in 2021, contains updated information on various topics, including:

  • The changing global scenario
  • The rise of new economic powers and the decline of traditional powers
  • The impact of climate change on human geography
  • The role of technology in shaping human geography
  • The challenges of urbanization and the growth of megacities
  • The impact of globalization on local cultures and identities
  • The geopolitical and cultural dimensions of conflict and migration

पुस्तक को पाँच खंडों में व्यवस्थित किया गया है, जिसमें निम्नलिखित विषय शामिल हैं:

  1. Basic Concepts in Human Geography
  • Geography as a Discipline
  • Human Geography as a Social Science
  • Human-Environment Interaction
  • Basic Concepts of Population
  1. Population Geography
  • World Population Distribution and Growth
  • Population Theories, Policies, and Programs
  • Migration: Types, Causes, and Consequences
  • Urbanization: Concepts and Processes
  1. Economic Geography
  • World Economic Development: Patterns and Issues
  • Agriculture: Types and Techniques
  • Industry: Types and Location
  • Transport, Communication, and Trade
  1. Cultural and Social Geography
  • Cultural Regions and Cultural Landscapes
  • Social Well-Being and Quality of Life
  • Settlements: Types and Patterns
  1. Political Geography
  • Nation and State: Concepts and Issues
  • International Organizations and Contemporary Global Issues
  • Geopolitics: Concepts and Issues

Human Geography By Majid Husain 6th Edition Book Content:


  • Human Geography versus Human Ecology
  • Human Geography as the Study of Man and his Adjustment to Natural
  • Environment
  • Scope of Human Geography Human Geography: A Historical Perspective
  • Basic Concepts of Human Geography Contemporary Landscape Geography
  • Techniques of Analysis in Human Geography
  • Dichotomy and Dualism in Geography Systematic Geography and Regional Geography and Human Geography Physical Geography
  • Schools of Human Geography Determinism or Environmental Determinism Possibilism •Neo-determinism or Stop-and-Go Determinism Cultural or Social Determinism
  • Positivism in Human Geography
  • Quantitative Revolution in Human Geography Behavioural Approach in Human Geography
  • Marxist Approach in Human Geography Radicalism in Human Geography Geography and Imperialism Women and Environment Anarchic Leaning
  • Humanistic Approach in Human Geography Methodology of Humanistic Geography
  • Welfare Approach and Geography of Social Well-being Crime Health and Health Care
  • Behavioural Environment
  • Welfare Human Geography


  • The History of Planet Earth
  • Cosmic Calendar and Facts about the Planet Earth
  • Colonizing the Globe
  • Race
  • The Evolution of Man
  • The History of Human Species
  • Major Divisions of Mankind
  • Racism
  • Ethnicity and Ethnic Group
  • Civilization
  • First Civilizations
  • Culture and Control of Resources Feudalism Capitalism Socialism


  • Population Prior to Agricultural Revolution
  • History of Population Growth
  • Patterns of Population Growth
  • Factors Influencing the Distribution of World Population
  • Population Distribution
  • Densely Populated Regions
  • Sparsely Populated Regions
  • The density of Population Physiologic Density of Population
  • Fertility Measure General Fertility Rate (GFR) Tetel Fertility Rey T Factors Affecting Fertility Fertility Distribution
  • Mortality Measures
  • Mortality Rate Infant Mortality Rate (MR) Factors Affecting Munio
  • Age and Sex Composition
  • Life Expectancy Global Population Ageing
  • Causes of Ageing Consequences of Population Ageing
  • Future Distribution of Population
  • Age and Sex Structure
  • Age Groups
  • Literacy Determinants of Literacy World Pattern of Literacy
  • Theories of Population Malthusion Theory Mansion Theory of Population Demographic Transition Theory
  • Limits to Growth
  • Optimum Population Theory


  • Causes of Migration
  • Consequences of Migration
  • International Migration
  • Population Redistribution through International Migration Recent International Migration
  • Emigration from India
  • Laws of Migration
  • Mobility Transition Theory of Zelinsky
  • Refugees
  • Regions of Dislocation Guest Workers
  • Diffusion
  • Connectedness through Diffusion Cultural Barriers in Diffusion • Diffusion Pattern of Innovation


  • Culture
    Human Geography and Culture The Evolution of Culture
  • Languages
    Definition of Language Dialect Spatial Distribution of Languages • Indo-European Family Tree Linguistic Classification Diffusion and Pattern of Languages Ancestry of Indo-European Languages Germanic Family The Latin Linguistic Family Balto-Slavic Languages Indo-Iranian Languages Iranian Languages Sino-Tibetan Languages Semito-Hametic Languages African Languages Endangered Languages Multilingual States Minority Languages
  • Religion
    Classification of Religion Religion and Natural Features Christianity Islam Buddhism Hinduism Judaism Jainism Sikhism •Tribal Religions Chinese and Japanese Religions
  • Customs
    Food Clothing and Other Wearing Folk Medicines The Oral Folk Traditions


  • Development as a Concept
  • Approaches to Development
    Growth versus Distribution Agricultural versus industrial Development Approach Centralization versus Decentralization Approach Modern ver Urban versus Rural Development Capital versus Labour Intensive Traditional approach Socio-economic versus Physical Planning Approach
  • Iniquitous International Order
  • Traits of Development in Developing Countries
  • Measures of Development
    Economic Characteristics of Development Social Characteristics of Development Demographic Characteristics of Development
  • Composite Measures of Development
  • Uneven Development
  • Core-periphery Model
  • Rostow’s Model of Development (Rostow’s Stages of Growth)
  • Balanced Growth Model
  • Development Regions of the World


  • Historical Perspective
  • Wealth and Human Development
  • Human Development Index
    What Does the HDI Include? Life Expectancy at Birth
    Senile Population Juvenile Population Literacy Gross National Product and Gross Domestic Product Gross National Income
  • Human Development Index-2019
  • Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals
  • Poverty in Developing Countries
    Poverty Line Salient Features of the Human Poverty Index for Developing Countries
  • Human Poverty in Developed Countries
  • Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)
  • Global MPI 2020
  • Human Happiness Index Income Disparities
  • The Ultra-Rich
  • Rural-Urban Gender Disparities Ethnic and Racial Disparities
  • Consumption Pattern


  • Domestication of Plants and Animals: The Beginning of Agriculture Population and Food Security
  • The magnitude of the Food Problem
  • Feeding the World
  • Causes of Food Problem
  • Food Supply Agribusiness
  • Consuming Food
  • Agricultural Land Use and Price/Rent of Land
  • Assumptions
  • The Crop Theory
  • Relevance of von Thunen in Indian Agriculture
  • Global Agricultural Restructuring
  • Genetically Modified Foods
  • Fisheries
  • Major Fishing Grounds of the World Whaling Sealing Fish Conservation
  • Environmental Impacts on Commercial Fisheries
  • World’s Forest Resources Forest Conservation


  • Origin of Settlements
  • Site of Settlements
  • Votion
  • Unstable Settlements Stable Rural Settlements Classification of Rural Settlements
  • Compact or Nucleated Settlements Semi-Compact or Semi-Nucleated Settlements Dispersed Settlements
  • Functions of Rural Settlements
  • Patterns of Rural Settlements Planned
  • Rural Settlements Changing Patterns of Rural Settlements
  • Rural Gentrification


  • Diffusion of Urbanization during the Pre-Historic Period Greek Cities Roman Cities Urbon Growth after Greece and Rome
  • Origin of Urban Settlements Functional Classification of Towns
  • Urban Places Urbanization: A Historical Perspective

Human Geography by Majid Husain 6th Edition Book Features:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The book covers a wide range of topics related to human geography, including physical geography, cultural geography, economic geography, and political geography.
  2. Lucid Language: The language used in the book is easy to understand, making it accessible to students and readers with varying levels of knowledge.
  3. Illustrations and Maps: The book contains a large number of illustrations, maps, and photographs that help readers understand the concepts and ideas presented in the text.
  4. Case Studies: The book includes numerous case studies from different parts of the world, providing students with real-world examples of the concepts and theories discussed in the text.
  5. Updated Information: The 6th edition of the book has been revised and updated with the latest information and research findings in the field of human geography.
  6. Study Aids: The book includes a variety of study aids, including review questions, discussion topics, and suggested readings, making it an excellent resource for students and teachers alike.
  7. Online Resources: The book is accompanied by a range of online resources, including additional readings, interactive quizzes, and videos, which further enhance the learning experience for students.

Human Geography By Majid Husain 6th Edition Pdf Free Download

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