Oxford Student Atlas for India 4th Edition Pdf Download in English & Hindi

Oxford Student Atlas for India 4th Edition Pdf Download in English & Hindi: Dear Candidate The 4th edition of the Oxford Student Atlas for India features updated and accurate maps, and includes new information on important topics such as the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Digital India Initiative, and Make in India campaign. It also includes detailed thematic maps and graphs that provide a deeper understanding of various aspects of India’s geography and culture.

The atlas is a useful resource for students of geography, history, and social studies, as well as for anyone interested in learning more about India and its diverse regions. It is designed to be easy to use, with clear and concise information, and is an ideal tool for both classroom use and self-study.

Oxford Student Atlas for India Latest Edition

Oxford Student Atlas for India 4th Edition Pdf

The atlas covers a wide range of topics related to India, including its physical geography, climate, and geology. It also includes detailed maps of all the states and union territories of India, as well as the major cities and towns. In addition, the atlas provides information on India’s economy, population, and history.

Oxford Student Atlas for India 4th Edition Book Content

India- Climate

  • India- Geology, Geological History, Structure, and Major Faults & Thrusts
  • India- Physiography
  • India- Drainage Basins and East & West Flowing Rivers India-Natural Vegetation and Forest Cover
  • India- Biogeographic Zones, Wildlife and Wetlands India-Soil, and Land Use
  • India- Irrigation, Net Irrigated Area, Agro-climatic Zones, and Agricultural Region
  • India- Food Crops India-Cash Crops
  • India- Foodgrain Production, Milk Production, Livestock, and Fisheries India-Mineral Fuels and Mineral Belts
  • India- Metallic and Non-metallic Minerals India-Mining Industry and Industrial Regions
  • India- Industries India-Tourism and Power Projects
  • India- Air and Sea Routes
  • India- Roads and Inland Waterways
  • India- Railways
  • India- Population
  • India- Religions and Languages India – Human Development
  • India- Heritage
  • India- Space Exploration India – Environmental Concerns
  • India- Natural Disasters India – Inter-Basin Water Transfer Link
  • India- History

Continents and Regions


Asia – Physical
Asia – Political
Asia – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population Asia-Economic Development
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Maldives
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, and Myanmar
South-Eastern Asia
West Asia
North Korea, South Korea, and Japan
China, Mongolia, and Taiwan


Europe – Physical
Europe – Political
Europe – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
Europe – Economic Development
British Isles Eurasia

North America

North America – Physical
North America – Political
North America – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
North America – Economic Development
United States of America and Alaska
Central America and West Indies

South America

South America – Physical
South America – Political
South America – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
South America – Economic Development


Africa – Physical
Africa – Political
Africa – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
Africa – Economic Development

Australia and Oceania

Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
Economic Development

Polar Regions and the Oceans

The Arctic and Antarctica
The Oceans


Major Landforms and Major Islands & Water Features
Major Ocean Currents and Drainage Basins
Climatic Regions
Heat Zones and Annual Rainfall
Soil, Land Use, Natural Vegetation, and Forest Cover-
Agriculture Regions, Industrial Regions, Minerals, and Mineral Fuels
Energy Production, Consumption, Trade, and Economic Development
Population Density, Urbanization, Cultural Realms, and Languages
International Migration and Human Development
Environmental Crises
Biomes at Risk
Plate Tectonics and Natural Disasters
Air and Sea Routes
History World-Flags
Geographic Comparisons
Time Zones

Oxford Student Atlas for India 4th Edition Overview:

Book NameOxford Student Atlas for India
LanguageEnglish & Hindi
Page No160 pages
PublisherOxford University Press
Edition4th Edition
Country of OriginIndia

General Features:-

  • Reflects recent administrative changes in India and the world
  • Latest socio-economic maps and data culled from authoritative sources
  • Special sections on the history of map-making, and concepts of contour and landforms
  • Symbols for each place name from India and the world according to population range
  • Contains a fully updated and revised index

Oxford Student Atlas for India 4th Edition Pdf Download

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